Starter Brush Pack Vol.2 ✿ FREE Procreate brushes

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If you're searching for a free Procreate starter pack, this is the one — actually, it's the second one from my collection! This basic brush pack has been created using my own textures and brush shapes.

I love creating high-quality resources to use in my own artworks, so if they work for me, it's worth sharing them with you! That's why I'm happy to show you my new 14 free Procreate brushes! ♥

You'll find a bit of everything, and there's no limit to how you can use them! They respond differently to pressure and size, so a brush I use for lines might be a perfect fit for you as a textured brush.

This basic Procreate brush pack contains:
Liners: Pencils and inks
Watercolours and washes: With different textures and pressure behaviour
Random textures: for different finishes that might suit different styles

The brushes have been created using a reference canvas with 300dpi and 2000px. So they are optimised to work on big canvases.

You can also download the Starter Brush pack Vol.1, with 12 more free brushes here:

Starter brush pack VOL.1

✿ About me

Hi, I'm Olga, also known as Olguioo, a Spanish freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I've been working full-time as an illustrator for two years, with four published books to my name. I love creating cute tutorials on various drawing subjects, especially those that help artists improve their skills.

In my spare time, I design board games, currently with two complete and another in progress. All illustrations are my own work, of course!
You can follow all my work on my Instagram @olguioo


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Last updated May 16, 2024

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Starter Brush Pack Vol.2 ✿ FREE Procreate brushes

555 ratings
I want this!