Procreate Brush | Pixel art | Pixel perfect

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One brush, many sizes. Although we all know the 1px size is the only one it's ever need.

It just works. No halos, no transparencies, no double pixels. Just set your brush and eraser with the Pixel Perfect brush, and you are all set up!

  • Goes from 1px to 15px wide
  • Doesn't create weird halos or transparent pixels
  • 98% pixel perfection! My mother says it's 100% but you know mothers...
  • Includes an explanation on How to resize a Procreate file without losing any sharpness

You can take a look at how it works:

✿ About me

Hi, I'm Olga, also known as Olguioo, a Spanish freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I've been working full-time as an illustrator for two years, with four published books to my name. I love creating entertaining tutorials on various drawing subjects, especially those that help artists improve their skills.

In my spare time, I design board games, currently with one complete and another in progress. All illustrations are my own work, of course!
You can follow all my work on my Instagram @olguioo


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1 Pixel perfect brush for Procreate


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Procreate Brush | Pixel art | Pixel perfect

90 ratings
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