How to Draw Cute Animals ✿ With videos & PDF

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In this course I will cover a total of 10 animal video tutorials drawn on paper, for a total of one hour-long video, where I'll provide tips, tricks, and visual aids and guide you through each step. So you can learn how to draw cute and simple animals in my own style 🐱🐶🐨🐼

✿ Each of the tutorials includes

  • Between 2 and 3 different animal poses, so you can learn how to draw them sitting, standing, laying...
  • That makes the amount of videos included a total of 29 individual tutorials.
  • As a bonus, you will receive a PDF filled with additional sketches for reference, so you can keep practicing and perfecting your skills.

✿ The animals included in this tutorial
Cat, dog, bear, koala, bunny, seal, cockatiel, mouse, mole and bat.

✿ FAQs

✿ Who is this for?
This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to draw cute and simple animals, like the ones I do, with no prior experience required.

✿ What will I find in the course?
Real time sketching of 10 different animals, with all the tips and tricks I use myself while drawing. The course includes visual guidelines and PDF supplements for additional animal references.

✿ Does this course cover lighting and colouring?
No, this course is only about animal sketching. The focus is on pencil drawings.

✿ Is previous experience required?
No, this course is designed for beginners and anyone that wants to learn my tricks.

✿ What tools do I need?
You can use any tool you prefer, such as paper and pencil, an iPad, or a computer. There are no tool limitations.

✿ About me

Hi, I'm Olga, also known as Olguioo, a Spanish freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I've been working full-time as an illustrator for two years, with four published books to my name. I love creating entertaining tutorials on various drawing subjects, especially those that help artists improve their skills.

In my spare time, I design board games, currently with one complete and another in progress. All illustrations are my own work, of course!
You can follow all my work on my Instagram @olguioo


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How to Draw Cute Animals ✿ With videos & PDF

15 ratings
I want this!